Curriculum Vitae

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Shenzhen University  WeBank Institute of FinTech Shenzhen, China    

  • Bachelor of Economics in Finance, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology 2018 – Present
  • Webank Scholarship (Top 6%), Top Innovation Talent in Shenzhen University Scholarship (Top 15%)
  • President of Shenzhen University Blockchain Society
  • Overall GPA: 3.74/4.5 (85.3/100), Major GPA: 3.95/4.5 (87.4/100)
  • Coursework (61 in total): Company Valuation (94), Marketing (93), Stratege Management (93), Data Visualization (92), Fintech Application Frontier (92), Information System (92), Innovation Management (90), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning(90), Econometrics (90), Statistical Sampling (90), Database Systems (89), Behavioral Finance (87), Corporate Finance (86), Financial Engineering (85)

Research Experience

Public Effects of the 2019 Revision to the China Trademark Law        

Research Assistant to Prof. Yang Shi |Mar.2022 – Present

  • Employed Python to crawl the Tianyanchadatabase and constructed a MySQL database including 31 attributes for over 130,000 firms that may have trademark infringement, and about 6,300 firms that breached trademark law were further recognized via Machine Learning
  • Developed a Python Crawler to collect over 70,000 legal judgments from the Pkulaw database, then utilized Natural Language Processing techniques to extract entities such as plaintiff, defendant, and amount

The Construction of Chinese Climate Change Classification Framework and Its Visual Analysis of Climate Funding Flows in China

Research Assistant to Prof. Na NiMar.2020 – May.2022

  • Collected over 12,000 academic papers in English and Chinese about climate change from CNKI and the Web of Science database, as well as 8,767 China Charity Foundation Annual Reports in 2008-2019
  • Used a classification framework for climate change through Co-word Analysis and Text Segmentation techniques and applied Visualization Analysis to depict the changing pattern of climate philanthropy in China by analyzing donors, subfields, and flow of funds
  • Provided suggestions for funders, charities, and policymakers in addressing climate change

Text Analysis in Public Service: Research on Users’ Needs and Response Strategies of Museum

Research Assistant to Prof. Yurong HuangCultural Industry and Policy Research Center of Shenzhen UniversitySept.2020 – Mar.2022

  • Interviewed nine museum directors face-to-face to gain insight into the present state of museum services in the Greater Bay Area
  • Applied Python Crawler to gather public consultation and users’ online comments about the museum, including over 20,000 comments collected on Ctrip, Mafengwo, TripAdvisor, and other OTAs and social media like WeChat and Weibo
  • Utilized Text analysis and machine learning methods like co-occurrence networks, sentiment analysis, and cluster analysis to discover museum users’ core needs and motivations and presented to Shenzhen Propaganda Department how the museum can better serve the public

Interdisciplinary Study on Employment Policy and Education Satisfaction

Research Assistant to Prof. Jing SunTeaching and Research Center of Shenzhen UniversityJul.2020 – Sept.2021

  • Performed literature reviews on policy tool theory, gathered policies on graduate employment promotion published by the Chinese government in COVID-19 and made suggestions to policymakers after doing Content Analysis and Quantitative Analysis using Python and SPSS
  • Contributed to recycling 15,110 valid surveys and utilized Excel to match and clean data, ensuring its accuracy and completeness
  • Implemented SPSS and MPlus to evaluate the validity and reliability of the scale, conducted statistical analysis and regression analysis on the data, and created charts, tables, and figures based on the results.

Research on Internet of Things Bank and Its Financial Services Innovation

Research Assistant, advisor: Prof. Ying Chen|Nov.2020 – Jul.2021

  • Learned over ten lectures about Fintech Frontier and conducted case studies of Internet of Things Finance applications for individuals, corporations, and bank management, resulting in more than 16,000 words in the research report
  • Conducted online interviews and field research to analyze micro-loans from the perspectives of product design, business processes, risk management, etc., and prepared a research report with over 12,000 words on micro-loans under financial policies

Artificial Intelligence and Technology, from Ethics to Law

Research Assistant and Teaching Assistants to Prof. Chong WangInstitute of International Law, Sun Yat-Sen University May.2019 – Jun.2021

  • As the Teaching Assistant for the Law and Artificial Intelligence course at Sun Yat-sen University,participated in the course’s design, and the writing of over 300 pages of slides for five of the course’s chapters dependently, which received a satisfaction rating of 4.9/5
  • Researched the issue of the interaction between Law and Artificial Intelligence, was responsible for the literature review and data collecting, then summarized, compared, and visualized the data, as well as formatted three papers using Word and LaTeX


  • Python, C++, R, HTML, MySQL, Redis, Microsoft Office, Gephi, SPSS, MPlus, LaTeX, Tableau, Git, WordPress, Linux

Research Interest

  • Fintech for Business and Management, Public Policy and Public Service, Text Analysis and Social Media, Sustainable Development

Manuscripts under Review

  • Na Ni, Dongrui Wu, Xiaofeng Xie, Yingtong Chen, Zhui Jian, Jincheng Qiu, Peichang Zhang (Jul.2022). Philanthropic Foundations as Sustainability Partners: Visualization Analysis of Climate Funding Flows in China. Submitted to Climate Policy (Major Revision).
  • Jing Sun, Xiaofeng Xie (Aug.2022). Research on the Employment Promotion Policy of Chinese College Graduates in the Post-epidemic Era: Based on Content Analysis and Quantitative Analysis of Policy Text (IN CHINESE). Submitted to Higher Education Forum (Accepted).
  • Yurong Huang, Xiaoqian Gong, Xiaofeng Xie (May.2022). Research on Users’ Learning Needs and Response Strategies of Natural Museum: An Positive Analysis from the Perspective of Contextual Model of Learning and User Online Comments (IN CHINESE). Submitted to Chinese Museum (Under Review).

Professional Experience

Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK(SZ) |Shenzhen, China

Business Assistant, Dept. of Master of Science in Business Management Office Nov.2020 – Jan.2021

  • Administrative duties such as financial operations, promotional material distribution, and response to inquiries, as well as organized academic lectures and coordinated guests and participants
  • Reviewed and updated the data of MBM project applicants to the database and developed an innovative automated workflow using Excel VBA and Python to automatically extract and enter the critical information of application data into a structured form and trigger batch sending of personalized email, resulting in a fivefold improvement in efficiency

Shenzhen Yingpeng Information Technology Co., Ltd (|Shenzhen, China      

Business Assistant, Dept. of MarketingJul.2019 – Aug.2019

  • Assisted in organizing the 2019 Global Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Summit (CCF-GAIR 2019) of over 3000 attendees and invited 140 guests to participate in 13 sessions, including Smart Cities, Smart Businesses, AI Finance, etc., to discuss the latest research in AI
  • Developed and distributed promotional materials, as well as connected with 71 media companies, resulting in the forwarding of more than 1,600 posters and the exposure of more than 10 million people

Competition Experience

  • “Challenge Cup” National College Student Business Plan CompetitionBronze Award (Provincial Honor) 
  • “Challenge Cup” National College Student Academic Science and Technology Works Competition –Second Prize (Provincial Honor) 
  • Undergraduate Academic Forum of Shenzhen University – Grand Prize & Jury Prize (Top 1, School-Level Honor) 
  • Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Financial Mathematical Modeling Competition – Third Prize (National Honor)   
  • China Resource Bank’s Future Bank Innovation Competition – Best Scene Innovation Award (Top 3, National Honor) 
  • “Search Star” Information Retrieval Competition of Shenzhen University – Top 10(School-Level Honor)                                    
  • “Future Leaders Program” of Webank Top 2 (School-Level Honor)    

Training Experience

Course: Business, Entrepreneurship, and the Sustainable Development Goals|Online

Advisor: prof. Kenneth Amaeshi | Edinburgh Business School Apr.2022May.2022

  • Researched the current situation and future development of the international society under the Sustainable Development Goals

Text Analysis Research Group|Shenzhen, China

Advisor: prof. Han Qi | Shenzhen University Sept.2021 – Jan.2022

  • Studied the Text as Data course taught by Arthur Spirling of NYU weekly and was responsible for the reports on Text Sentiment Analysis and PCA Algorithm and Its Application, and learnt to research Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) using Text Analysis

Webank Fintech Scholarship Summer Camp| Beijing & Shanghai, China

Advisor: prof. Xing Li | Peking University and prof. Qing Yang | Fudan University Jul.2021

  • Taken the courses Social Media and Big Data by Li and Financial Innovation and Quantitative Investment by Prof. Yang
  • Obtained outstanding campers and gave speaking as a representative

XbotPark Robot Base & Tsinghua i-Space Intelligent C-end Technology Innovation Training Camp|Dongguan & Shenzhen, China

Advisor: prof. Zexiang Li | Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyMay.2021

  • Prepared a feasibility report on entering the Intelligent Pet Toy industry after interviewing and investigating more than 12 pet owners, and led the team in designing and demonstrating the “Happy Meow: Intelligent Pet Companion” product and won the Best Insight Award
  • Completed Design Thinking, Intelligent Hardware Product Design, and Product Management courses, and achieved the Junior Product Manager Certificates and Excellent Closing Certificates

Course: Sustainable and Socially Conscious: The Reality of 21st Century Business|Online

Advisor: members of staff from Essex Business School Apr.2021 – Jun.2021

  • Covered five sessions, including those on circular economy, sustainable development financing, and accounting’s role in SDGs