Courses & Projects

- Computer Science and Technology -

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Cover the basic technologies and classical methods of artificial intelligence, as well as mainstream algorithms, principles and applications of machine learning.

Optimization Methods

Covers the basics of vectors and matrices, solving linear equations, least-squares methods, and many applications.

Visual Information Processing

Introduce the visual information processing from Computer Science point of view.

Computing Principles and Theory of Big Data

This course provides an understanding of the concept and challenge of big data. The focus is on the data analytic techniques to tackle the V’s in big data and how these impacts data collection, storage, analysis and reporting.

Database Systems

Information is not useful if not organized. In database, data is organized in a way that people find it meaningful and useful. Database System is used to input, sort, organize and store data.

Cyber Security

Develop a deeper understanding of modern information and system protection technology and methods.

Operating Systems

Outline the Operating Systems such as the basics of memory management, storage management, file management, networking, computer security risks, virtual machines.

- Finance and Management -

Company Valuation

Learn about valuation methods and the organization’s industry, technology, business environment, customers, competitors, synergies, and key stakeholders.


Key topics include Market Research and its importance to strategy, brand strategy, pricing, integrated marketing communication, social media strategy, and more.

Introduction to Fintech

Begin with What is FinTech before turning to Money, Payment and Emerging Technologies, Digital Finance and Alternative Finance, FinTech Regulation and RegTech, Data and Security, and the Future of Data Driven Finance, as well as, the core technologies driving FinTech.

Fintech Application Frontier

The course covers some of the most disruptive Fintech topics of today, such as Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, and Digital Banking.

Management of Information System

Explain the foundational concepts relating to management information systems, along with the various management information systems available.

Innovation Management

Through innovation management concepts, theories of idea generation, selection, strategy formulation and implementation.

Financial Statement Analysis

 Examine a company’s performance in the context of its industry and economic environment in order to arrive at a decision or recommendation.

Fintech Regulation and Legal Policy

Learn about the critical legal, regulatory, and policy issues associated with cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings, online lending, new payments and wealth management technologies, and financial account aggregators.

Behavioral Finance

Study of these and dozens of other financial decision-making errors that can be avoided, if we are familiar with the biases that cause them.

Investment Management

Learn how to construct optimal portfolios that manage risk effectively, and how to capitalize on understanding behavioral biases and irrational behavior in financial markets.

- Projects & Competitions -

Happy Meow: Intelligent Pet Companion

  • Project in XbotPark Robot Base & Tsinghua i-Space Intelligent C-end Technology Innovation Training Camp and won the Best Insight Award
  • Designed a first-person-view human-pet toy named Happy Meow to help cat owners enhance the sense of immersion and interaction when using pet toys

The Construction of Chinese Climate Change Classification Framework and Visualization

  • Used a classification framework for climate change through Co-word Analysis and Text Segmentation techniques and applied Visualization Analysis to depict the changing pattern of climate philanthropy in China by analyzing donors, subfields, and flow of funds 
  • Second Prize  of “Challenge Cup” National College Student Academic Competition
  • Grand Prize & Jury Prize of Undergraduate Academic Forum of Shenzhen University

Wehelp: A Blockchain-based Mutual Aid Platform for Strangers

  • WeHelp is a blockchain platform integrating APP, intelligent hardware, and community cooperation. It aims to connect those who are in need of help with those who are capable and willing to help by building the DID authentication based on blockchain, rescue record system and reward system.
  • Second Prize of College Community Partner Community Service Design Competition

Enjoy Parking: Intelligent Shared Parking System

  • With parking problems becoming a social issue, we developed an IoT-powered Intelligent Shared Parking System that lets parking demandors park conveniently, while parking providers share idle spaces, providing a one-stop parking experience for car owners
  • Bronze Award for “Challenge Cup” National College Student Business Plan Competition
  • Silver Award for Shenzhen University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Uncle Hua: An Intelligent Financial Manager

  • What will the bank of the future be like? Inspired by the troubles of migrant workers, we designed an Intelligent Financial Manager named Hua Shu. We explained how he can help you solve all your money-related problems from college to old age through multiple scenarios
  • Best Scene Innovation Award of China Resource Bank’s Future Bank Innovation Competition