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My name is Ferry, and I am a senior at Shenzhen University’s WeBank Institute of FinTech, where I am pursuing a double bachelor’s degree in Finance and Computer Science and Technology. I am seeking for a Mphil or PhD position for fall 2023.

My research in the social sciences is carried out using advanced and data-driven methodologies, including Machine Learning, Text Analysis, Visual Analysis, and others.

My main research interest is in how to identify user needs and provide more precise and sustainable financial, legal, and cultural services in the context of Fintech. I am also interested in how Fintech will affect government decision-making and how to evaluate the impact of public policy.



Fintech for Business and Management:

  • AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing  

Exploring Preferences, Motivations and Needs:

  • Public Policy and Public Service, Text Analysis and Social Media, Interdisciplinary Methodology

Sustainable Development Perspective:

  • Green Finance, Climate Change, ESG CSR and Corporate, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation

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